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Hello ladies. Happy Monday and I hope you’re having a marvellous start to your week. I’m a new mum but I have 7 months of experience (so maybe not so new). This post is about some of my top advice to new first time mums and mothers to be.



  • Don’t Stress, Stay Positive

Being a first time mum can be stressful and you can start to doubt your ability and skills. Mummy guilt is real!! Some people may also add to your doubts by questioning your parenting. Take a deep breathe and RELAX. All mothers go through this even the best mothers out there. Believe in yourself and don’t let all these negative thoughts get in your way. Try to remain positive.

  • Research and Take Classes If Possible

I did plenty of research when I was expecting baby E and my hospital offered birth classes, which I found extremely helpful. This came handy in several occasions so far. When I was giving birth the OB who was delivering my son got the forceps ready but I suggested that we attempt the vacuum extraction instead. Most women don’t know their options unless they read about it. After you have your baby you may choose to take a breastfeeding class (I didn’t and I completely regret it.)

  • Take Your Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements

To be honest I was so blessed to have a healthy baby. I was really lacking in taking my prenatal vitamins with folic acid, vitamin D and iron supplements, which I needed to take during my pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are essential and I strongly advice all mummies to take them because both you and your baby need them. These vitamins can protect your baby from some birth defects.

  • Establish A Routine

Babies love routine believe it or not. My advice is to establish a routine after the first 6 weeks, because it will be too stressful to try and establish routine with a newborn who can’t differentiate day and night. After the first 6 weeks most babies feeding and sleeping habits become more predictable then you can simply plan your routine around it. A basic routine that a midwife suggested to me is EAT-PLAY-SLEEP (repeat).

  • Eat Well

The first few days and weeks after having your baby are extremely overwhelming so you can easy forget to eat well and drink water. Try to have a jug of water and a glass next to your side of the bed to remind you to drink enough water.

  • Don’t Feel Shy To Ask For Help

A lot of people will offer to help you when you become a mum whether it is your family members or friends. Don’t feel shy to accept their offer to help you around the house or with the baby. You can ask your husband to take care of the baby while you catch up on some sleep or while you cook dinner. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding don’t feel shy to seek the help of a lactation consultant or a medical professional. If you find yourself sad and not able to cope with motherhood and find yourself crying a lot it could be a sign of postnatal depression please don’t feel shy to seek medical help in this occasion because a happy healthy mummy=a happy baby.

  • White Noise

Baby E loves white noise. There are many apps for white noise that you can download for free as well as many videos on YouTube. As he gets older we don’t use it as often now but we used it regularly during the first weeks. It is worth noting that it is not advised to use white noise for longer periods of time so once your baby is fast asleep switch it off.

I hope you find these advices helpful in your journey through motherhood.

What advice would you give a first time mum?

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9 thoughts on “Advice From A First Time Mummy | Mrs Jibril

  1. Topfivemum says:

    It sounds like you’re doing such a wonderful job at being a mummy to Baby E, in tune with everything baby needs. Fantastic advice here and I can only agree with you after having two of my own. I’m all for routine and think babies crave it. I followed the EASY method (eat, activity, sleep, you time) although my firstborn didn’t like to nap so I hardly got more than 20 minutes of ‘you time’ in any given session. Luckily as a toddler, she likes a good long nap! Keep up the great work lovely lady! #StayClassyMama

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma T says:

    Some good advice here. I was totally lax with vitamins etc. I had no idea I was meant to take them and didn’t take folic acid until I’d seen the doctor to confirm I was pregnant at 7 weeks! #thelistlinky

    Liked by 1 person

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