Dear Abo (Daddy)

e& MToday we celebrate Mr M. (my loving husband and baby E’s papa). Our baby is too young to celebrate his dad however, I wanted to make this father’s day special because it my husband’s first father’s day. If baby E was able to talk I’m sure he would tell his dad how much he loves him. My son even said dad before mum that goes to show their very strong bond. Here are some of reasons why baby E is crazy about his daddy.

Dear Abo,

I love you so much because …

You always play with me no matter how tired & sleep deprived you are.

You cheer me on when I do something new.

You dance with me.

You make me laugh when you make faces.

You tickle me.

You help mummy feed me and change me.

You throw me up in the air (even though this gives mummy a mini heart attack).

You carry me on your shoulders and make me feel so tall.

You sing for me my nursery rhymes.

You comfort me when I’m crying.

You give me a 1000 kisses and hugs.

You cuddle with me.

You worry about me all the time and always make sure that I’m comfortable.

But above all I love so much because you make mummy and me very happy. You’re the world’s greatest dad.

2Happy First Father’s Day.

I love you,

Baby E



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