All shades of Blue: Mummy & Me

As’salamu alaykum lovelies and welcome back to my blog. A few days ago we were invited to attend an Iftar party. it was the prefect opportunity for distant family members to meet baby E for the first time. Blue is my favourite colour because it is very soothing and calming. It reflects tranquility this is why i decided to dress us up different shades of blue.

I tried to take some OOTD photos before we left but taking outfit photos with an eight months old baby was such a challenge.

* The weather in Nairobi is rather cold these past few days that’s why Baby E is wearing a jacket to keep him warm.





My outfit

Dress: Temt

cardigan: Cocolatte

Scarf: Sydney Road, Melbourne

Scent of the day: Al Amaken by Swiss Arabian

Baby E’s outfit

Onesie: Cotton On Baby

Denim jacket & Bib : pumpkin patch

Fingers crossed that next time Baby E will cooperate a little more with his mama. The Iftar gathering was great but Baby E had a major tantrum because he’s not used to seeing so many new faces.

I hope you guys are enjoying the last few days of Ramadan and remembering the entire Ummah in your dua’a.


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