To My Son on his 1st Eid

To my sweetest baby boy,

On Wednesday and Thursday we celebrated your first Eid ( Eid Al fitr 2016-1437).  I hope you enjoyed celebrating Eid even though you won’t remember it. I was so happy you were at your very best behaviour and you were friendly with all the other kids. Everyone loved you and played with you. You got around 100 kisses from your family members.

The first day of Eid we went to visit your Ayeeyo Asha  and we also visited your grandma’s house. I know you didn’t get to celebrate this Eid with your other grandma and your mummy’s family because they live in Australia however,  they saw your Eid outfits through a video chat on Facebook (not sure when you are able to read this if Facebook is still a thing). You also talked to your grandpa on the phone. Mummy’s family might be far but they love you so much and they saw all your Eid photos. Your grandma is even the one who got you the t-shirt you wore on the first day, she also got you that silver bracelet with your name in Arabic on it.

The second day of Eid we went for the longest car ride you have ever had so far. we drove to Maanzoni for a family function. You enjoyed your little uncle’s (5 years old) magic show and looking at his notebook. I can’t wait for you to grow up and learn how to read and write.

We had matching outfits we both wore yellow. Colours really look beautiful on you my little munchkin. Your uncle Abdikarim is the one who picked your yellow shirt I’m glad now you fit in it. Your grandma gave you food and you didn’t have a bib on because mummy didn’t want to spoil your look with a bib. You ended up getting so dirty and messy and I had to change you into a onesie.

There was a jumping castle which you hated so much, there was a pool of balls which you also didn’t like either because I guess you’re still too young to enjoy these types of activities. there was face painting and of course mummy wanted your face to be painted. you didn’t have the patience, you only got a spider painted on your cheek.

PicMonkey Collage2This  was my best Eid because it was your first Eid which made it so special. you make our family complete. I pray that Allah always protects you, I pray that you are always happy and bubbly. I pray that you grow up to become righteous and an obedient son to your parents.

In Sha Allah next year you will be able to really celebrate and understand a little more about  Ramadan and Eid.

Eid Mubarak Baby E

Mummy & Daddy love you



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