9 Months Baby Update

I can’t believe you were out of my tummy the same time you were in there. Today you’re 9 months my little peanut.


His bottles have reduced to around 4 bottles a day. The past 2 weeks he refuses the bottle and I have to distract him while he is feeding. I’m praying that this is just a phase.

He still has 3 solid meals a day, sometime he will be fussy in the morning and refuses to eat so I add his rice cereal to his morning bottle. We introduce yogurt to his diet last week and he loves it.

Weight and height:

He’s around 11.1 kgs (24.47 pounds) and 77 cms tall… he went through a growth spurt Masha’Allah. He is still at the 90th percentile for weight and off the charts for height.

Clothes size:

He wears 6-12 months clothes and he can fit in some 12-18 months clothes.


My Oh My we’ve been teething for so long but no teeth yet.


This month he’s been so curious about everything, which both mummy and daddy really love.

He starting to enjoy playing with different toys and he doesn’t seem to mind that mummy cut screen time dramatically from last month.

He’s finally starting to like other babies and plays with them, before he would throw a tantrum when he sees other babies.

He’s an outspoken baby (even though he doesn’t talk) he will let you know when he is happy, sad or wants something, future leader in the making.


  • He grabs everything now.
  • Transfers objects between his hands.
  • Picks up his own pacifier and puts it in his mouth, which made life much easier now.
  • He stands with assistance (those chunky legs are getting strong).
  • He started recently enjoying independent play with his toys.
  • Finally sleeping in his own cot all night and during naps.


  • He cries when daddy and mummy aren’t around which makes babysitting impossible.
  • Naps … putting him down for his 2 naps a day have been such a struggle lately, he enjoys playing and being awake more.
  • Bouncing castles, face painting and balls pool: all these were activities we tried to do with him during Eid celebration.


  • Peek a boo
  • Clapping
  • Phones … if he sees anyone on their phone he tries to take it from them so he can talk
  • Talking … he’s a little chatterbox

 Highlights of the month:

  • He is celebrated his first Eid on Wednesday 6th
  • He finally said mama & mum
  • He got his first professional hair cut
  • Daddy carried him for the first time in town using the carrier.

Lowest points of this month:

  • He has a scar from his BCG vaccination* that might be permanent.
  • He had a little accident that left him with his first bruise but it faded away, this gave both mummy and daddy such a fright.

Happy 9 months our little adventurous crawler, we love you to the moon and back.

* BCG vaccination is a vaccine against Tuberculosis and most newborns receive it in Kenya. Baby E was born in Melbourne and never received his BCG vaccine as a newborn because of the very low rate of TB in Australia but when we moved to Kenya it was recommended to us given that Kenya has a high rate of TB. It also recommended by Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre for children under 5 years old to receive a BCG vaccine if they are traveling to any country with high rate of TB because of the deadly consequence of the disease on small children.

Incase you missed Baby E’s 8 months update, check it out here 8 Months Baby Update


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