Save Your Money: Baby Products Edition

Congratulations you’re pregnant or thinking about having a baby. Babies can be a little bit expensive especially if you’re a new mummy because you will think you need to buy everything that is available that your baby might need those first few months. From preparing that nursery that can set you back over a $1000 because who doesn’t want all those nice baby stuff for the nursery that you see on Youtube and Instagram.


However the truth some of those things on your wish list are probably not a necessity and you might even end up not getting enough use of it. So if you want to know some of the products that I feel through my experience are a waste of money and some of the things I regret buying, here is a list:

Baby wipe warmer

Yes there is such a thing that makes your baby wipe wipes warm so it doesn’t bother their little bums. Let me admit it this was on my wish list, however trust me when you are out and about you will not carry it with you. I didn’t end up buying it and my son doesn’t seem to mind that his wipes are warm or not! I’m sure your bub won’t too.

Changing table

When you are changing your baby more than 3 times in an hour and not to mention those diaper explosions, you will not have that time to rush to the nursery to that specific table to change your baby. The truth is you will end up changing your baby in the nearest place that is safe, either the bed, sofa, play mat, etc…

I actually had a changing table for my son and I never ended up using it.

Water wipes

I love them, it is by far the best wipes for newborns and I actually used them when my baby was a newborn but they are quiet expensive especially that you will be using more than one a week. I know a lot of Youtube mums used it but they also ended up settling for cheaper alternative.

Tiny baby clothes

I was expecting to have a tiny baby because my baby bump wasn’t huge, my mom (a mother of 5) also thought the same. She got him loads of size 000000 baby clothes, they were adorable; I packed more than half a dozen in my hospital bag. My son was a big baby who barely fitted in size 000 so all those adorable clothes had to be given away.

Diaper pail

No one wants the nursery or room to smell like poo, I agree with you. Just hear me out I never ended up using one, all I add as an alternative is throw them in a plastic bag placed in our back yard and at the end of the day I would close the bag and through it in the rubbish bin outside the house. It worked for us and now that I leave in an apartment our trash is placed in the back where there is plenty of air so if it is a poopy diaper we throw it in that trash and not the bin in our bathroom especially now that baby E is on solids.

Baby monitor

Loads of moms swear by their baby monitor, the one I purchased before I had the baby had both video and audio, with Wi-Fi, colour screen and not to mention night vision. I though to myself it was the best thing I spent money on. When my baby was born I was using a bassinet with wheels so baby E was with me 24/7 if I was in the sitting room he was there. If I was in the kitchen he was there at the kitchen entrance. It didn’t matter if he was asleep or awake someone was there with him all the time so I didn’t end up using the monitor. Until today we never leave him unattended even as I type this post he is sleeping in his cot and I’m on the bed in the same room.

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Is there an item you purchased for your baby and didn’t end up using? Is there something you got for your little one that you regret buying now?

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8 thoughts on “Save Your Money: Baby Products Edition

  1. Jade - Raw Childhood says:

    Completely agree with all of these. My worst buys were (well stuff I never used): Changing table, Cot (we co-sleep), Pram (we baby-wear).. but these are all things that people say you ‘should’ buy and at first you think its a fabulous idea to have a bin specifically for nappies with scented bags inside, and a changing table that looks so great in the nursery with the rest of the furniture that will never get used! I spend my money on nice clothes for them now 🙂 I know they definitely need those! lol #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

    I also never used a pram for those first few months, we were baby wearing which I really loved. I also wanted to add that most moms feel the pressure to get a nursery ready before the baby is born but most of the time you find that the baby will stay in your room those early months.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment 😊


  3. DomesticatedMomster says:

    I remember being pregnant for the first time and I was much older and most of my friends had already had babies and so I took advice from them on what was great and what I could not even bother with. Great list. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink and I apologize for my delay in commenting as it’s been a busy schedule lately but I do hope you will link again this week!


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