Things I’d do differently on my next pregnancy!

So this past few weeks I had a little bit of baby fever and it made me wonder what are the thing I would do differently if I get pregnant again. Here is the short list I came up with:


  • I would take weekly photos of my growing belly. I started taking lots of photos during pregnancy however they weren’t at the same location and I had different outfits. My bump didn’t show until later during my pregnancy so the first 20 or so weeks I didn’t even look pregnant just bloated…hahaha
  • I would try and make a cute pregnancy announcement to my husband; with our son unfortunately I couldn’t think of ways to tell him the great news because he was with me at the hospital when the doctor told us.
  • Get a professional maternity photo-shoot with both my husband and son.
  • Take breastfeeding classes even though with this my first pregnancy I did a lot of research and received material from midwives and lactation consultant. I would still take a breastfeeding class to get more information. If you would like to know about my experience breastfeeding my son you can read my breastfeeding journey.
  • I would start pumping at around 38 weeks to build up my supply before giving birth. This was an advice my midwife gave me after I gave birth to my son because my milk took long to come. I also read that pumping can induce labour, which is interesting because I wasn’t a fan of being induced in the hospital.
  • Walk…Walk…Walk I honestly think walking during the last trimester really helps. I started walking when I was overdue with my son and by 41 weeks pregnant I was 2 cm dilated and I honestly think it was a result of walking.
  • I won’t stress as much and I would take it easy, which is harder said than done.

And before you ask we’re not expecting baby #2 and we are not TTC just yet!

Is there anything you would do differently on your next pregnancies?

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41 thoughts on “Things I’d do differently on my next pregnancy!

  1. BritDeshiMummy says:

    My first and only pregnancy I created a pregnancy scrapbook ! I would definitely encourages mums to be to do so! 42 weeks of pregnancy including weekly updates , first kick, hospital appointments . Its interesting to read back after years to come !

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  2. Jakijellz says:

    I would certainly stress less. Although I say that now, it would probably be different when it was actually happening. I would definitely take more pictures of the bump, I have hardly any from my first pregnancy. Great little post. #DreamTeam

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  3. Amina says:

    I love the idea of the *cute pregnancy announcement*… really thinking over some imaginative ways right now. Pregnancy is such a blessing, it’s great to cherish every moment of it.

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  4. American Hijabi says:

    These are awesome! While I don’t have kids yet (I’m one of the few of my friends at 25), husband and I are planning to start trying in the next couple of years – iA. I think it’s great to learn from those who have had the experience!


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  5. Haya says:

    Ha ha ha.
    As a mom of two, I just couldn’t stop laughing. All the best. May all your pregnancy dreams come true.
    Now let me tell you about my reality. Yep! I was wiser when I was expecting my second child. (Thanks to trial and errors in my first pregnancy). But, I was much more busy. I was just not able to enjoy being pregnant the way I did my first pregnancy. My first priority was my playschool going son.
    Labour is much easier with second child. So is lactation. Inshallah you won’t have to worry about these. May you b e blessed with healthy , wise and seen. Aameen. ❤

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  6. Annette says:

    Snap! I think that I would do proper monthly bump photos. With Little Button, I felt so self conscious of my bump that we only got a hand full of shots towards the end – and those were under protest. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

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  7. My health and fitness journey says:

    I love this post! I would do each one mentioned. I did however have a maternity photo shoot as my friend bought it me as a gift- at the time I was mortified and embarrassed but I then had them made into a photostory book with my little boys newborn photo shoot and it is probably one of the best things that I own! Nothing beats your baby but pregnancy is such a special time x

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    • Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

      awww that’s fantastic, My son did get a newborn photo shoot but I never got a professional maternity shoot.
      I sometimes miss pregnancy then I remember the heartburn, morning sickness, swollen feet, etc then I change my
      Thanks for commenting xx


  8. Tee 💜 says:

    I wish I’d done quite a few of these too.

    Mine would be to take care of me a bit more. I developed a lung clot quite early on in pregnancy and I can’t help thinking that I could have avoided it if I took the advice given a little more seriously!

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  9. Veggie Mumma says:

    With my second pregnancy I took belly progress shots. I still stressed at much as with my first and I did get maternity photos done with my hubby and oldest son but they weren’t great. I wish I done glamour ones. But I did do a special gender announcement on fb and a baby announcement to.

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    • Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

      A gender announcement and baby announcement sound great. I only made an announcement when I had the baby as a Facebook status nothing special but I will really consider a special gender reveal with my second.
      Thanks for visiting my blog Kelly xx

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