12 months baby update- Baby E turns one

I’m so excited and overwhelmed that my baby has turned one. This year flew by so quickly. The first year of baby E’s life had laughter, tears and sleep deprivation. I can now say we made it and survived! Here’s my baby’s 12 months update



There was a huge change in baby E’s feeding, We introduced cow’s milk last week, I was scared after I did some research because it is not a good source of iron which can cause babies to have anemia if they don’t eat foods that are rich in iron. This month we are aiming to give him enough food with iron and we reduced his bottles to only 3 feeds a day because cow milk is not considered a meal (where as formula is).

Weight and height:

He unfortunately lost a little bit of weight due to falling sick; he was 10.9 kgs 3 days before his birthday. He’s getting very tall and now reaches the top of our dinning table and kitchen counter when he is in his walker and both are very high.

Clothes size:

He wears 12-18months clothes and he outgrew most of his 6-12 tops. He still wears size 5 shoes.


He’s very social and loves people. He is learning so much now and loves to play with his toys. He’s still very active and bubbly. Sometimes he throws mini tantrums if he doesn’t get things his way so now I can say I have a toddler in the house.


  • FIRST TOOTH: if you read any of my pervious updates you understand my excitement that he finally got his first tooth because I was extremely worried.
  • Sleeping though the night, which is amazing, we all get to rest and have a good night’s sleep.
  • Taking his first 2 steps so far so we are hoping soon he will get the courage to walk.


  • Getting his throat or teeth checked by anyone, he closes his mouth shut.
  • Medication with a syringe he hates taking it.
  • When daddy has to leave the house he would cry.
  • Cupcakes believe it or not he wasn’t impressed with his birthday chocolate cupcake.


  • His walker
  • Our phones
  • Talking
  • His pacifier
  • Balloons
  • Dancing
  • Hugs and kisses

Highlights of the month:

  • His first birthday
  • He had a professional photo-shoot
  • Had his first kiddie meal, which he didn’t really eat much of so mummy ended up eating it!
  • Grandpa got him his first bicycle
  • His uncle got him a new highchair
  • Received new gifts for his birthday

Lowest points of this month:

  • He became sick a few days before his birthday, he was having a runny stomach and as any first time mum I was counting how many poopy nappies he had in a 24hour period because I was told anything more than 4 the baby might be at risk of dehydration. So we ended rushing him to the hospital in the middle of the night, he was slightly dehydrated however all he needed to take some ORS drinks for a day.
  • Teething and all the discomfort that comes with it.

What we did on his special day:

  • We got him a party hat and a birthday badge/ ribbon.
  • Mummy and daddy sang for him and gave him 100 kisses while giving him his birthday gifts from us.
  • He had a cupcake after breakfast with one candle. He wasn’t a big fan of the cupcake.
  • We went out to a restaurant for lunch where he had his first kiddie meal.
  • The restaurant staff also sang for him a birthday song, which was really nice.
  • He had a tiny bit of ice cream with sprinkles to celebrate turning one.
  • We went to the play-zone and he went on different rides.

Happy first birthday my little munchkin, love you past the moon and all the way to the stars.

If you want watch the video I posted on my Instagram dedicated to my little boy click here

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Make sure to come back to read about his birthday party that we are throwing him over the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.

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37 thoughts on “12 months baby update- Baby E turns one

    • Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

      Time flies that’s why I try my best to cherish every moment. My boy is so energetic, I have to hit the gym to be fit enough to keep up with him (and he’s not even running yet, just very fast crawling and climbing..lol)
      Thank you so much for commenting and visiting my blog, It means a lot to me Ayesha xx


  1. thehippychristianmum says:

    Aw he’s so cute in his little birthday party hat! I really enjoyed reading this because the headings are interesting and I like how structured the post is. You have inspired me to do one for my baby too. Hope E enjoys his first birthday party. #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nazima says:

    Happy birthday to your munchkin! Sounds like he had a great day! That is so cute that he cries when his dad leaves. With my 15 month old, we have made it a point that daddy gives me and her kisses and wave bye bye so she kind of enjoys it!

    Liked by 1 person

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