I’ve Been Featured

Being a fairly new blogger any recognition I receive I highly appreciate it. I love being a part of the blogging community and I feel that slowly my blog is starting to get noticed. When I started my blog I didn’t think I will get many followers or readership but now I enjoy seeing the numbers of my followers and blog views increase in a short period.


Last month I was featured Amaliah.co.uk which is a British modest fashion website; that is run by two sisters . Along side the blog the website also has the option to shop for modest fashion from famous brands such as ASOS and Zara. Amaliah.co.uk has a series about motherhood on their blog that I’m proud to be part of.


My favourite question was: “what would you have told yourself as a mother now looking back?”

My respond was: “There will be many sleepless nights and some days you will feel so drained but seeing your little baby’s smile will make it all worth it. A lot of people will advise you please trust your instinct as a mother and don’t listen or pay attention because it will drive you crazy if you try to please everyone. Just remember he is your baby and you know what is best for him”.

I also answered a number of interesting motherhood related questions such as the meaning of motherhood and one thing I learned since becoming a mother. I’m pretty sure most of my followers by now know a thing or two about me but if you want to know more please check out my full feature on Amaliah.co.uk ’s #MotherhoodMoments 


This month a fellow blogger and Instagram friend Gorgeous George’s Mama was generous enough to feature my post Things I’d do differently on my next pregnancy! on her blog. I enjoyed reading all the posts she selected to feature.

Check out the lovely GorgeousGeorgesMama ’s blog she documents precious moments with her son and takes us through her journey. I love coming across other mummy blogs. I guarantee you that you will enjoy her blog. If you are interested in reading the post I was featured in click here.

Were you ever featured in other blogs?

Did you participate in guest posts or blog series?

Feel free to link your featured posts below in the comment section

 your comments mean the world to me.

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10 thoughts on “I’ve Been Featured

  1. Winnettes says:

    Well done for being featured! It is always so rewarding when you get recognised for your writing, always makes it feel worth while. Keep up the good work x

    Liked by 1 person

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