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Hello lovelies

Baby E and I moved back to Australia last week, we shared the news with family and close friends. Living in Kenya has been unforgettable and magical. I will unquestionably miss it.

A week before we left, my husband and I decided to take our baby to the museum. We had a lovely time as a family and baby E enjoyed himself. I want to document baby E’s first visit to the museum in Nairobi and share it with all of you.

museum 1

*We didn’t take baby E’s mountain buggy with us which means a lot of walking for him. He’s becoming so independent 2

*These are all traditional furniture and 3museum 4

*There is a snake park at the other side of the museum which you pay an extra fee if you want to visit. We obviously wanted to have a 5

*There is also a little aquarium in the snake park which both me and hubby thought was odd. There wasn’t a huge range of fish in the aquarium and by that point Baby E was exhausted. museum 6

If you are ever in Nairobi and have time to spare I highly recommend visiting the National museum.

Have you been anywhere interesting lately with your family? Let me know in the comments

To my Australian readers “Happy labour day” I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend with your families.

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18 thoughts on “Family Day Out – National Museum Of Kenya (Nairobi) | Mrs Jibril

  1. EvolvingMuslimah says:

    Fun family trip good that ur kiddo enjoyed. Last time we took my toddler to Dubai museum he just wanted to touch eveything and was just running around trying to explore things in his own. I am more into history and culture and so I took my time looking at the exhibits while hubby managed kiddo😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

      I’m so glad that we got to go there before we left because I have no clue when we will go back to Kenya.. I’m not willing to travel alone with the baby again lol
      Thank you so much sweetheart for being such a supportive blogger and helping all of us Somali content creators to connect, love you xx


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