Hi Lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog, if you are new here I hope you will enjoy my content and become a regular visitor.
As some of you know I’m a mummy blogger and I started a mummy YouTube channel end of 2017. Why you may wonder given that my blog has started receiving much needed exposure? Because I didn’t see many mums who look like me on YouTube! I felt and still feel like I have something different to offer.


what are your thoughts about my new banner! New videos every week.

I talk about my channel in depth in this post. I stopped think “what if” what if someone I know comes across my channel, what if someone leaves me a mean comment, what if no one watches my videos. Then I thought to myself so what! If I have 10 people watching my videos I will be happy because those are 10 people I’m able to reach from the comfort of my home. Sometimes it is our thoughts that stop us for doing what we want.
How can you help?
From my blog post’s title, you maybe thought this is a fundraiser post or I’ll be asking you to vote for me in a blogging competition. Actually, it is not! I want you to head over to Mrs Jibril and watch any video of your choice, if you like my content please subscribe to my channel and if you are feeling generous share it on any social media platform.

I have a lot of content coming your way in 2018. I post weekly new videos since starting my channel with subtitles in case you can’t understand my accent. I want you to come along of the ride and support my channel as much as you support my blog.

Leave me your suggestions of videos you would like to see?

Thanks for stopping by,

Let’s be mummy friends

you can find this post linked to this fabulous blog link up



13 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR HELP! | MRS JIBRIL

    • Mrs Jibril says:

      I know right Vicky, it is not the easiest platform to grow in as a mummy blogger but baby steps count, thanks for subscribing I really appreciate the support, I will definitely check out your channel as well xx


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