Day at the Museum: Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery Review

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We went to Melbourne Museum for Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery designed for babies up to 5 years old. Here is a quick review of Children’s Gallery in case you want to take you little ones.

Family day out at Melbourne museum

Cost: free to children under 3

$15 for adults


You can get your tickets online or at the entrance


11 Nicholson St, Carlton, Victoria, 3053

it is a convenient location with plenty of public transport options and parking available. We took the bus; it was entertaining for baby E because he has barely been in a bus or train. Of course, in a very toddler- mummy manner we sang wheels on the bus go round and round while on the bus.

The children’s museum is open daily, from 10am to 5pm. We went on a Saturday. The Children’s Gallery was full because it was the holidays and most parents were trying to make the most of it.

Thing I will do differently next time

Apart from bring my husband along (he was still in Kenya when we went to the museum); I would also bring my DSLR camera. We would also aim to go early in the morning and spend the day at the museum. There is a big playground next to it and plenty of space for a family picnic.

I would bring change of clothes for E because there was a small water fountain that we tried hard to avoid so it would have been helpful if he had spare clothes to enjoy splashing the water.

Overall Experience

Fantastic, I would definitely be bringing baby E again

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