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Being a fairly new blogger any recognition I receive I highly appreciate it. I love being a part of the blogging community and I feel that slowly my blog is starting to get noticed. When I started my blog I didn’t think I will get many followers or readership but now I enjoy seeing the numbers of my followers and blog views increase in a short period.


Last month I was featured Amaliah.co.uk which is a British modest fashion website; that is run by two sisters . Along side the blog the website also has the option to shop for modest fashion from famous brands such as ASOS and Zara. Amaliah.co.uk has a series about motherhood on their blog that I’m proud to be part of.


My favourite question was: “what would you have told yourself as a mother now looking back?”

My respond was: “There will be many sleepless nights and some days you will feel so drained but seeing your little baby’s smile will make it all worth it. A lot of people will advise you please trust your instinct as a mother and don’t listen or pay attention because it will drive you crazy if you try to please everyone. Just remember he is your baby and you know what is best for him”.

I also answered a number of interesting motherhood related questions such as the meaning of motherhood and one thing I learned since becoming a mother. I’m pretty sure most of my followers by now know a thing or two about me but if you want to know more please check out my full feature on Amaliah.co.uk ’s #MotherhoodMoments 


This month a fellow blogger and Instagram friend Gorgeous George’s Mama was generous enough to feature my post Things I’d do differently on my next pregnancy! on her blog. I enjoyed reading all the posts she selected to feature.

Check out the lovely GorgeousGeorgesMama ’s blog she documents precious moments with her son and takes us through her journey. I love coming across other mummy blogs. I guarantee you that you will enjoy her blog. If you are interested in reading the post I was featured in click here.

Were you ever featured in other blogs? Did you participate in guest posts or blog series? Feel free to link your featured posts below in the comment section and mention blogs that are hosting blog series.

I would love to hear from you; your comments mean the world to me.

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12 months baby update- Baby E turns one

I’m so excited and overwhelmed that my baby has turned one. This year flew by so quickly. The first year of baby E’s life had laughter, tears and sleep deprivation. I can now say we made it and survived! Here’s my baby’s 12 months update



There was a huge change in baby E’s feeding, We introduced cow’s milk last week, I was scared after I did some research because it is not a good source of iron which can cause babies to have anemia if they don’t eat foods that are rich in iron. This month we are aiming to give him enough food with iron and we reduced his bottles to only 3 feeds a day because cow milk is not considered a meal (where as formula is).

Weight and height:

He unfortunately lost a little bit of weight due to falling sick; he was 10.9 kgs 3 days before his birthday. He’s getting very tall and now reaches the top of our dinning table and kitchen counter when he is in his walker and both are very high.

Clothes size:

He wears 12-18months clothes and he outgrew most of his 6-12 tops. He still wears size 5 shoes.


He’s very social and loves people. He is learning so much now and loves to play with his toys. He’s still very active and bubbly. Sometimes he throws mini tantrums if he doesn’t get things his way so now I can say I have a toddler in the house.


  • FIRST TOOTH: if you read any of my pervious updates you understand my excitement that he finally got his first tooth because I was extremely worried.
  • Sleeping though the night, which is amazing, we all get to rest and have a good night’s sleep.
  • Taking his first 2 steps so far so we are hoping soon he will get the courage to walk.


  • Getting his throat or teeth checked by anyone, he closes his mouth shut.
  • Medication with a syringe he hates taking it.
  • When daddy has to leave the house he would cry.
  • Cupcakes believe it or not he wasn’t impressed with his birthday chocolate cupcake.


  • His walker
  • Our phones
  • Talking
  • His pacifier
  • Balloons
  • Dancing
  • Hugs and kisses

Highlights of the month:

  • His first birthday
  • He had a professional photo-shoot
  • Had his first kiddie meal, which he didn’t really eat much of so mummy ended up eating it!
  • Grandpa got him his first bicycle
  • His uncle got him a new highchair
  • Received new gifts for his birthday

Lowest points of this month:

  • He became sick a few days before his birthday, he was having a runny stomach and as any first time mum I was counting how many poopy nappies he had in a 24hour period because I was told anything more than 4 the baby might be at risk of dehydration. So we ended rushing him to the hospital in the middle of the night, he was slightly dehydrated however all he needed to take some ORS drinks for a day.
  • Teething and all the discomfort that comes with it.

What we did on his special day:

  • We got him a party hat and a birthday badge/ ribbon.
  • Mummy and daddy sang for him and gave him 100 kisses while giving him his birthday gifts from us.
  • He had a cupcake after breakfast with one candle. He wasn’t a big fan of the cupcake.
  • We went out to a restaurant for lunch where he had his first kiddie meal.
  • The restaurant staff also sang for him a birthday song, which was really nice.
  • He had a tiny bit of ice cream with sprinkles to celebrate turning one.
  • We went to the play-zone and he went on different rides.

Happy first birthday my little munchkin, love you past the moon and all the way to the stars.

If you want watch the video I posted on my Instagram dedicated to my little boy click here

Feel free to check my baby’s previous updates that I posted on my blog here are quick links below:

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Make sure to come back to read about his birthday party that we are throwing him over the weekend.

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I’ve Been Nominated …

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been nominated for a blogging award. I want to thank the lovely Iman from “And then she said” for nominating me for the Liebster Award. And then she said has reviews, parenting tips, recipes and some lovely DIYs. My favourite post from “and the she said” is Six Things New Mums Feel & How To Cope I highly recommend new mummies to have a read.

Back to the award if you are a blogger I’m sure you came across one or two of these post before, I sure have myself. The Liebster award is dedicated to new blogs and as some of you may know I’m fairly new to the blogosphere.


Here are my answers to Iman’s questions:

  1. What have you found most challenging about blogging since you started?

Finding the time to write posts especially with an adventurous almost one year old around. I found it also a little tricky starting my blog because I wasn’t very familiar with WordPress but I’m slowly learning.

  1. What’s your pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve that really annoys me when people think they know my name better than I do and keep asking me if I misspelled it or saying it wrong! Really I’m pretty sure I know how to spell & pronounce my own name. You have no idea how many times I had this conversation since moving to Kenya!!

  1. Have you ever considered changing your name? What would you change it to?

Hahaha relating to question #2 I have so many times however as I grew older I learned to love my name.

If I changed my name I would go with Sama, which means sky in Arabic, and it is close to my actual name Samsam

  1. What is your biggest accomplishment?

On a personal level becoming a mother is a huge accomplishment for me. On a professional level finishing my master’s degree in Human resource management is a close second! Even though I’m currently a stay at home mum I’m proud of my educational achievement.

  1. How open are you to trying new foods? On a scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being not at all and 10 being always!

I’m guessing around 8, I love trying new cuisines as long as it is not something crazy like insects or dog meat which I hear are considered a delicacy in some parts of the world.

  1. What would you do with your last £1?

Most likely buy a balloon for my son because he loves them so much.

  1. Who is your favourite author and why?

Yasmin Mogahed, most of my readers might not be familiar with her work but she has an amazing book called “Reclaim your heart” and I read it cover to cover several times. I came across Yasmin’s writing during a tough time in my life and her book made me look at things differently. My copy of “Reclaim your heart” is even signed by her and I attended a seminar she had in Australia a few years ago.


  1. Describe your home in three words.

Love, Harmony, Laughter

  1. What is your guilty pleasure?

Milkshakes (all flavours) I love them so much even though I know they are the main factor of my weight gain.

  1. What’s the best blog post you’ve ever written? 

Motherly Advice From All Over The World

I love this post because it is a collection of advice from mothers living across the globe. I was overwhelmed at how many people were willing to help me write it.

  1. If you have to pick one season to have the entire year – what would it be?

Spring because the weather is just so perfect.

Incase you want to participate or nominate someone for this award the rules are:

  • Write a blog post about your nomination and thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked you in his/her blog post.
  • Nominate 5-11 other starting bloggers who you think deserve this award, and come up with 11 questions of your own for them to answer.
  • List these rules in your blog post.

As I mentioned earlier I’m a newbie blogger so unfortunately I don’t know of 11 new bloggers that I can nominate for a Liebster Award so I nominate any new blogger who comes across my post.

I want to know why did you start your blog?

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Husband Appreciation Post

It is so easy in the midst of nappy changes and chasing a baby to forget to take a minute to be grateful & appreciative. Today I want to dedicate this post to my loving husband because becoming parents truly made me appreciate him so much more.

*Readers be warned this post is extremely cheesy!


When I was pregnant with my son my husband took me to most of my doctors appointments and scans (I say most because I traveled to Australia when I was pregnant but luckily he did manage to come during my last trimester and accompany me to the rest my midwife’s appointments). When I was in the waiting room for my appointments I saw many pregnant women who didn’t have that support unfortunately; which made me feel very blessed that he was there.

When I was giving birth to our son he was in the delivery room, I know most of you will wonder why is that so special because most dads in the West are expected to enter with their wives/ partners. My husband is born in Saudi and raised in Kenya. In Saudi (I don’t think it is even permissible for the men to enter the delivery room, correct me if I’m wrong!) and in Kenya it is not common even though recently more and more younger fathers are willing to enter to support their wives. There is a huge misconception that if I man enters the delivery room he won’t be attracted to you (which is complete nonsense if you ask me). When I tell people that my husband witnessed the birth of our son I get so many shocking responses. I’m grateful that he didn’t refuse like any typical African/ Muslim man and I’m thankful he was there with me.

I’m the last-born in my family and I had very limited experience with newborns and babies until I became a mother. My husband on the other hand had zero experience in that field. This soon changed! He learned how to change nappies and he helps me change our son whenever I’m busy. When we started baby E on formula my husband was extremely supportive, he would prepare his bottles and feed him. In fact he still does that which I love. This includes the night feeds because our son still doesn’t sleep through the night.


He is honestly the ideal partner, I was so scared of all the pressures that come with being a new mum especially after I moved to Kenya and I no longer had my mum’s support. Surprisingly my husband became my greatest support when it comes to the baby. He gives me a break and lets me have “me time” whenever I need it. He takes the baby and they play together while I rest or watch a show. Some morning when our son wakes up extra early he would usually let me get an extra hour of sleep and he would take care of the baby. Change his nappy, give him breakfast and play with him (Just perfect).

My husband also takes care of all the bills and our finances; which is great because as first time mum I feel like I have a lot on my plate. If he left me to handle the bills, rests assure that I would forget one or the other. I can say thanks to him we still have water running in our tabs and we are not living in darkness. Some days I don’t feel like cooking but thankfully my husband always comes to the rescue. He would order for us take out and he would always ask me “ what do you feel like eating today?” he would always make me pick what we are going to eat. Luckily we have very similar taste in junk food, hahaha

Last weekend my husband planned a date for us, which honestly melted my heart, he arranged with my in laws to take care of our son while we go watch a movie. The last time I watched a movie in the cinema was early last year!! That’s how long it’s been. To make things more prefect we went to watch a movie of my choice and I wanted to watch Bridget Jones’s baby. He didn’t complain once about the movie. He made the whole day about me, which made me so happy. I felt like we were newly weds again.

I’m blessed to be married to such a wonderful guy. I pray that all the ladies out there find love like I did. If you are reading this and already have a special someone in your life I pray that your relationship will last and blossom.

Does your husband/partner help you with the baby? After becoming parents do you still have date nights?

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Things I’d do differently on my next pregnancy!

So this past few weeks I had a little bit of baby fever and it made me wonder what are the thing I would do differently if I get pregnant again. Here is the short list I came up with:


  • I would take weekly photos of my growing belly. I started taking lots of photos during pregnancy however they weren’t at the same location and I had different outfits. My bump didn’t show until later during my pregnancy so the first 20 or so weeks I didn’t even look pregnant just bloated…hahaha
  • I would try and make a cute pregnancy announcement to my husband; with our son unfortunately I couldn’t think of ways to tell him the great news because he was with me at the hospital when the doctor told us.
  • Get a professional maternity photo-shoot with both my husband and son.
  • Take breastfeeding classes even though with this my first pregnancy I did a lot of research and received material from midwives and lactation consultant. I would still take a breastfeeding class to get more information. If you would like to know about my experience breastfeeding my son you can read my breastfeeding journey.
  • I would start pumping at around 38 weeks to build up my supply before giving birth. This was an advice my midwife gave me after I gave birth to my son because my milk took long to come. I also read that pumping can induce labour, which is interesting because I wasn’t a fan of being induced in the hospital.
  • Walk…Walk…Walk I honestly think walking during the last trimester really helps. I started walking when I was overdue with my son and by 41 weeks pregnant I was 2 cm dilated and I honestly think it was a result of walking.
  • I won’t stress as much and I would take it easy, which is harder said than done.

And before you ask we’re not expecting baby #2 and we are not TTC just yet!

Is there anything you would do differently on your next pregnancies?

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11 Months Baby Update

Only a month and you will turn one my baby boy. I know I say this all the time by where did the time go, it feels like only yesterday you were a little peanut in mummy’s tummy.


A lot has changed this month; he seems to drink more bottles now than the past few months. Some days he wouldn’t be so interested in solids and we will be lucky if he eats half the portion he used to.

We introduced finger foods this month, I was scared of the whole idea and I was trying to delay it as much as possible. We also tried new foods that he liked such as strawberries, Egg York (we will introduce egg whites as soon as he turns one), bread and rice cakes

Weight and height:

We went earlier this month for a check, he also did the 10 months ages and stages quiz which he did wonderful at. We were so proud. He is 11.2 kgs (last month’s 11.5 estimation wasn’t accurate) and his height is 77cm.

He’s very active so he looks less chunky than he did a few months ago because of his height.

Clothes size:

He wears size one (12-18months) clothes and it fits him comfortably; the 6-12 months clothes are snug on him now. He wears size 5 shoes.


He’s still very cheeky and loves people. This month there was a slight separation anxiety especially when I leave him. He is very curious and loves discovering things.


  • Drinking from a regular cup- he prefers it over his Sippy cup
  • Fully cruising on furniture
  • Pulling himself up with ease on furniture
  • Holding the wall and using to support himself to stand (which I found fascinating because it is a flat surface which means he is becoming more confident)


  • His cot- after months of getting him used to his cot and transitioning him from our bed, now he hates to be in his cot even with toys to play with.       The first thing he does when he wakes up is cry to be removed from it.
  • Spending long time away from home- he slept over at his grandparents and he went on a hunger strike until we returned to him.
  • Nappy & outfit change- this is new to me but 9 out 10 times we are changing him he fusses around and hates it.
  • When mummy leaves the room- yes ladies and gentlemen he cries every time I leave the room, which makes it impossible to get anything done.


  • Everything that mum is holding or eating
  • Talking
  • His dummy- it seems to be the only thing that soothes him immediately
  • High chairs at resturants
  • Car rides
  • Going out of the house
  • Banging thing together, toys, remotes or him banging on the table like a drum when he is standing and using it as support.
  • Cuddling at night and early mornings

picmonkey-collageHighlights of the month:

  • He spent two sleepovers at his grandparents house
  • met his cousins S and A for the first time when they came to Nairobi for a visit
  • He had his first play date with baby I
  • He went on his first slide and first swing
  • Received lots of new gifts from his grandma and auntie in Australia
  • Learning to use his push walker
  • Attended his first wedding


picmonkey-collage4Lowest points of this month:

  • During his 10 months check he got a vaccine for meningococcal because in Kenya there is more than one kind. The Australian Immunization schedule only mentions type C however here he will receive 2 sets of vaccines for more than 4 types of meningococcal that are common in this region.
  • He has some noisy breathing this month which we though was his laryngomalacia (which they outgrow in some cases) his doctor recommended that we wait until he’s one and a few months then if the noisy breathing continues he will be referred to ENT specialist.
  • The second sleepover at his grandparents’ house because he refused to eat or drink. He had a serious case of separation anxiety.

Happy 11 months my angel, you bring so much joy and energy to our life. Mummy and daddy love you so much.


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Save Your Money: Baby Products Edition

Congratulations you’re pregnant or thinking about having a baby. Babies can be a little bit expensive especially if you’re a new mummy because you will think you need to buy everything that is available that your baby might need those first few months. From preparing that nursery that can set you back over a $1000 because who doesn’t want all those nice baby stuff for the nursery that you see on Youtube and Instagram.


However the truth some of those things on your wish list are probably not a necessity and you might even end up not getting enough use of it. So if you want to know some of the products that I feel through my experience are a waste of money and some of the things I regret buying, here is a list:

Baby wipe warmer

Yes there is such a thing that makes your baby wipe wipes warm so it doesn’t bother their little bums. Let me admit it this was on my wish list, however trust me when you are out and about you will not carry it with you. I didn’t end up buying it and my son doesn’t seem to mind that his wipes are warm or not! I’m sure your bub won’t too.

Changing table

When you are changing your baby more than 3 times in an hour and not to mention those diaper explosions, you will not have that time to rush to the nursery to that specific table to change your baby. The truth is you will end up changing your baby in the nearest place that is safe, either the bed, sofa, play mat, etc…

I actually had a changing table for my son and I never ended up using it.

Water wipes

I love them, it is by far the best wipes for newborns and I actually used them when my baby was a newborn but they are quiet expensive especially that you will be using more than one a week. I know a lot of Youtube mums used it but they also ended up settling for cheaper alternative.

Tiny baby clothes

I was expecting to have a tiny baby because my baby bump wasn’t huge, my mom (a mother of 5) also thought the same. She got him loads of size 000000 baby clothes, they were adorable; I packed more than half a dozen in my hospital bag. My son was a big baby who barely fitted in size 000 so all those adorable clothes had to be given away.

Diaper pail

No one wants the nursery or room to smell like poo, I agree with you. Just hear me out I never ended up using one, all I add as an alternative is throw them in a plastic bag placed in our back yard and at the end of the day I would close the bag and through it in the rubbish bin outside the house. It worked for us and now that I leave in an apartment our trash is placed in the back where there is plenty of air so if it is a poopy diaper we throw it in that trash and not the bin in our bathroom especially now that baby E is on solids.

Baby monitor

Loads of moms swear by their baby monitor, the one I purchased before I had the baby had both video and audio, with Wi-Fi, colour screen and not to mention night vision. I though to myself it was the best thing I spent money on. When my baby was born I was using a bassinet with wheels so baby E was with me 24/7 if I was in the sitting room he was there. If I was in the kitchen he was there at the kitchen entrance. It didn’t matter if he was asleep or awake someone was there with him all the time so I didn’t end up using the monitor. Until today we never leave him unattended even as I type this post he is sleeping in his cot and I’m on the bed in the same room.

After reading this post you might be interested in my list of newborn essentials, In case you missed it click here

Is there an item you purchased for your baby and didn’t end up using? Is there something you got for your little one that you regret buying now?

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My First Rant!! because there is a first for everything

angryI know I haven’t posted in over a week but it was a rather hectic week, from a visit to the emergency to baby E attending his first wedding. I usually don’t rant because I try to look at the positive side even when it’s very hard. I guess this post will be my first rant to vent out!! The worst feeling in the world is when you feel judged as a mother. Maybe I’m hormonal or extra sensitive since becoming a mummy, if you ever feel like voicing your unpleasant opinion about my parenting please refer to the short list below.

  • He is MY son so I get the final say about anything and everything, well until he is a teenager and rebels against me… I still have 17 years to go.
  • He is my FIRST child, so I’ll do everything I always wanted to do with him. Dress him a certain way, feed him certain foods and spend ridiculous amount of cash.
  • I was pregnant for 41+ weeks and pushed for 2.30 hours, so there is no way in hell you can love my baby more than me or care for his wellbeing more than I do.
  • Mothers know best…. Yes you guessed it I’m his mother so I know what’s best for him.
  • He is growing and meeting his milestones. So maybe just maybe I’m doing an ok job raising him. I’m not asking to be praised but at least acknowledge that I don’t totally suck as a new mum.

Rant over!!

Breathe in. Breathe out.

All that new mothers really want is a little support and that occasional kind word.

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I will be back to posting regularly again.

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The Forty Days Postpartum Care & Celebrations “Afartan bax”


I want to share a little piece of my culture that most of you might not be familiar with. “The forty days postpartum care and celebrations” is one of my favourite aspects of my culture as a mother. As some of you already know from the “About Me” page I’m Somali and a first time mummy to a little boy. After the birth of my child I was shocked by how the Somali culture accommodates new mothers in the first few weeks after delivery. The first forty days postpartum most new mothers spend it at their mother’s house with their newborn. If it isn’t possible for the new mother to relocate, her mother or sister moves in with her for those forty days.

These forty days the new mother doesn’t do any chores around the house; she spends her days resting in bed while bonding with her newborn and establishing breastfeeding. Warm traditional porridge (Mishaari), special tea with milk and soups are served to the new mum to increase her milk supply and to help her with healing.
I was lucky enough to have my mother close by after I had my son and she helped me care of the baby and also recover from childbirth. I also had my husband staying with us so you can say I had the best of both worlds, spending time with my small family while being cared for by my mother.

The first forty days my mother showed me everything I needed to survive motherhood from caring to my newborn’s umbilical cord before it fell to breastfeeding my son. Breastfeeding was torture for me the first few days, which demotivated me, my mother had to literally bring my son to me and tell me to breastfeed him because she knew I was in pain and needed that extra motivation.

My mother even helped me bathe my son and change him. She accompanied me to all those early doctor’s appointments, which makes me extremely grateful that I had her support during those first weeks. During my forty days postpartum I also got to rest for a few hours a day while my mother, sister and husband took care of my baby. I had a difficult birth and healing took longer than anticipated however, as you all know the exhaustion that comes with being a new parent. Those few hours of rest and sleep were crucial for my sanity because I don’t deal well with stress.

Back in Somalia the new mothers and their newborns don’t leave the house until after the big 40 days celebration, which is called “ Afartan bax”. However because times has changed mothers and their babies in the west need to run errands outside the home including doctor’s visits. I didn’t stay at home for the whole forty days period and sometimes took my baby with me.

After completing the forty days there is a celebration held almost like a birthday because according to tradition that marks the first day the baby leaves the house and sees the outside world. A male figure is selected to carry the baby on his shoulders as a way for the parents to wish that their baby would take that person’s good character.

PicMonkey Collage240baxPicMonkey Collage

We held my son’s Afartan bax celebration at a family friend’s house. It was a BBQ lunch for our family and friends then later a ladies celebration with traditional music and dancing followed by dinner. It was extremely thoughtful of our family friend to throw us this celebration in their house.

I would love to know where all my readers are from? Is there a special aspect in your culture that is specific to mothers and their children? I always find cultures and traditions to be fascinating.

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Wow we’re on double digits now my little munchkin. It is hard to believe how fast time passed by.

10 months coverFeeding:

There is no change in his feeding; he still drinks around 4 bottles some days more. He enjoys 3 meals a day and we introduced new foods like cheese, fish and porridge this month.

Weight and height:

We didn’t have a check since his 8 months check however; he is growing so much in weight and height. I’m guessing around 11.5 kgs (25.3 pounds) and around 79cms (31.1 inches) tall. He’s such a big boy now.

Clothes size:

Some 12-18 months T-shirts are snug on him. His clothes size range from 9-12 months and 12-18months depends on the style. He wears size 12-18 months trousers and 12-18 months pajamas


He’s very cheeky and loves to play with other kids now. He loves exploring around when he is crawling but he is also very cautious if he is in a new surrounding. When we visit his grandparents he doesn’t stand because he is scared of falling however at home we can barely get him to sit.

When he is watching his cartoons he will voice his anger when you change the channel, he is shouting at you (maybe we created a TV junkie)

He doesn’t seem to mind that we cut down on screen time and he seems to enjoy the new sensory toy that mummy made for him (thanks to Pinterest)

We love seeing him develop and his little character shine through.


  • He is starting to understand us more.
  • He understands when I say “no” to him and stops.
  • He started standing on his own. He would pick himself up and stand by supporting himself using furniture items.
  • Falls asleep at night on his own. After his last feed and nappy change I put him in his own cot and leave the room and he would fall asleep in 10 minutes.
  • Started drinking from his Sippy cup a little more.


  • Naps are still difficult since last months. He doesn’t like sleeping during the day but we still manage to make him have 2 naps a day.
  • Being carried or held for long periods of time, he loves crawling and exploring so being held is restricting to him.
  • Lemons… Mummy and daddy gave him his first lemon and baby wasn’t impressed with the sour taste.


  • Crawling
  • Standing
  • His walker
  • He still loves clapping and talking
  • Dancing
  • Climbing on everything including us.COVER 10M2Highlights of the month:
  • Grandpa (mummy’s dad) came to Kenya for a visit.
  • Auntie (mummy’s cousin) stayed over for a few days and he seemed to really enjoy her company.
  • He used a highchair in a restaurant for the first time. We usually keep him in his pram when we dine out.
  • He went on his first Merry-go-around.
  • He got his first balloonCOVER 10 MLowest points of this month:

He has been cranky some days and we blamed teething however he still doesn’t have teeth yet. His doctor doesn’t seem to be worried about his teeth not coming in however, mummy is low-key anxious about it.

Happy 10 months baby boy, we love you to the moon and beyond.

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