Wow we’re on double digits now my little munchkin. It is hard to believe how fast time passed by.

10 months coverFeeding:

There is no change in his feeding; he still drinks around 4 bottles some days more. He enjoys 3 meals a day and we introduced new foods like cheese, fish and porridge this month.

Weight and height:

We didn’t have a check since his 8 months check however; he is growing so much in weight and height. I’m guessing around 11.5 kgs (25.3 pounds) and around 79cms (31.1 inches) tall. He’s such a big boy now.

Clothes size:

Some 12-18 months T-shirts are snug on him. His clothes size range from 9-12 months and 12-18months depends on the style. He wears size 12-18 months trousers and 12-18 months pajamas


He’s very cheeky and loves to play with other kids now. He loves exploring around when he is crawling but he is also very cautious if he is in a new surrounding. When we visit his grandparents he doesn’t stand because he is scared of falling however at home we can barely get him to sit.

When he is watching his cartoons he will voice his anger when you change the channel, he is shouting at you (maybe we created a TV junkie)

He doesn’t seem to mind that we cut down on screen time and he seems to enjoy the new sensory toy that mummy made for him (thanks to Pinterest)

We love seeing him develop and his little character shine through.


  • He is starting to understand us more.
  • He understands when I say “no” to him and stops.
  • He started standing on his own. He would pick himself up and stand by supporting himself using furniture items.
  • Falls asleep at night on his own. After his last feed and nappy change I put him in his own cot and leave the room and he would fall asleep in 10 minutes.
  • Started drinking from his Sippy cup a little more.


  • Naps are still difficult since last months. He doesn’t like sleeping during the day but we still manage to make him have 2 naps a day.
  • Being carried or held for long periods of time, he loves crawling and exploring so being held is restricting to him.
  • Lemons… Mummy and daddy gave him his first lemon and baby wasn’t impressed with the sour taste.


  • Crawling
  • Standing
  • His walker
  • He still loves clapping and talking
  • Dancing
  • Climbing on everything including us.COVER 10M2Highlights of the month:
  • Grandpa (mummy’s dad) came to Kenya for a visit.
  • Auntie (mummy’s cousin) stayed over for a few days and he seemed to really enjoy her company.
  • He used a highchair in a restaurant for the first time. We usually keep him in his pram when we dine out.
  • He went on his first Merry-go-around.
  • He got his first balloonCOVER 10 MLowest points of this month:

He has been cranky some days and we blamed teething however he still doesn’t have teeth yet. His doctor doesn’t seem to be worried about his teeth not coming in however, mummy is low-key anxious about it.

Happy 10 months baby boy, we love you to the moon and beyond.


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17 thoughts on “10 MONTHS BABY UPDATE

  1. Sarah (Mumx3x) says:

    Aww, they grow up so fast! Your little one sounds very clever. I remember giving my children lemons for the first time. My eldest LOVED the taste but my other two? Not so much lol.
    Don’t worry about the teeth, they’ll come in soon enough – I bet he ends up with more than one tooth popping through at the same time! Bless you. Lovely post. #TheList

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

      He didn’t enjoy the lemon however he tasted it again then kept making the cutest face…it is safe to say his grandma wasn’t impressed with us giving her little angel a lemon, hahaha
      I hope he gets a tooth soon… I guess being a first time mom I seem to be anxious about the smallest things.
      Thanks for stopping by Sarah


  2. theirishbabyfairy says:

    What a gorgeous little guy, love seeing them learn so much so fast. Our little guy is almost 6 months (and also a tall one!) and even though I want him to stay my baby, I’m so excited to hear him talk some day, see him walk, see a tooth! So much fun to be had. #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

  3. twicemicrowavedtea says:

    This is lovely! I so wish we’d kept a journal like this for our little girl. It’ll be a great record for your son to look back on when he gets older. Please don’t worry about his teeth – our little girl didn’t get her first tooth until after ten months, even though she seemed to be teething for months before that. They’ll come eventually! #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

      I always thought of doing pregnancy and baby updates since I found out I was pregnant with my son over a year ago. However I never got around to start blogging until he was 7 almost 8 months (better late than never I guess). They grow so fast don’t they!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sarah


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